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FastCK is a web application for SAP with PLM functionalities.
Povides additional features for the trasactions involved in parts and assembly cost calculation.
It makes the workflow related to this project easier.
It is also useful in the marketing phase for offers and prototypes.


•Time for data entry reduced by 50% / 80%

•Reduction of data entry mistakes

•New "Clone" feature

•Replacement of entire blocks of the working cycle



•Speed from 2 to 10x. Faster data entry. New functions with an interface similar to Excel

•No more files in mails and folders. Store offers and all prelilinary documents which would be otherwise dispersed in Excel, files, Mails, Folders
•Robust and centralized as SAP
•Easy and intuitive as Excel
•BI, KPI, Reports. User friendly reporting tool. powerful. Espandibile in azienda
•Accedi dal web. Controlla le offerte da un tablet o da un cellulare
•Diminuzione degli errori di digitazione. Meno tastiera. Piu’ funzioni "Clona" , "Copia Incolla" , "Click da Mouse"
 •Clonazione. Possibilita' di clonare un ciclo. Non ricompilare da zero
•Rimpiazza una parte del ciclo di lavoro con un altra
•Creazione codici dummy da SAP senza saturarlo
•Clonazione di precedenti offerte simili senza dover ripartire da Zero
•Allega il disegno della parte. Mantiene storico revisioni
•Allega qualsiasi file (Pdf, Mail, Immagine etc.)